World of Hearthstone


Requires Tabletop Simulator!
Recommended Players: 2-10


Based off Blizzard Entertainment’s successful trading-card game HearthstoneWorld of Hearthstone is a card game that seeks to marry table-top role-playing games with a card game. This idea spawned from a desire to simplify Dungeon & Dragons for a much more casual group.

Players start with 10 mana and each have their own decks filled with different spells and abilities. Each ability/spell requires mana to cast, mana that the player regains at the beginning of their next turn. Players choose which abilities to include in their deck based off the deck size given by the dungeon master. The dungeon master can add more cards later on in the campaign that compliment a character fantasy the player may have.



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Armor Up Avatar of Anger Bash Battered Sword Blood Rush Charge

Cleave Commanding Shout Furious StrikeSustained Rage Valor and MightCorruptions

Demonic BoltDemonic PortalEmpower DemonFelhunterHealthstoneImmolate

ImpImp-plosionRain of FireShadowboltSuccubusSummon Demon

VoidwalkerCall ThunderChain LightningEarth ShieldFire SpikeKiss of the Elements

Lesser Fire TotemMana Stream TotemMason's HammerRejuvenating WatersWater WhipWindwalk

Arcane ShotBarrageBeastial WrathKill CommandPoison ArrowRapid Reload

Silencing ShotSnipeSturdy BowVolleyWill to Survive6c387ac8