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a game about a company

Blizzard Entertainment and their culture has been the cornerstone of my brother and I’s life. We ‘played’ Warcraft II as early as 3 years old and since have enjoyed every Blizzard product to date. To say we’re hardcore fans is an understatement.

So, when both of us graduated and with my mod finished the question became: what next? How do we get through the door? How do we make these companies see what we can do? Well, when asked what company we’d want to work for there was only one: Blizzard.

Together my brother and I hatched a nefarious plan: make a game about Blizzard and their developers. Put iconic developers such as Ben Brode, Samwise and Jeff Kaplan into their own games. They couldn’t resist at least playing the game once and, even better, we’d release it for BlizzCon.

We had 8 months to make this. From the beginning we knew it was going to be rough and there would be late nights, but we didn’t care, we just wanted to show the company we love that we’re worthy of working there with such awesome people.

Design philosophy

Early on we knew this game had to ooze Blizzard culture. That part was obvious. What wasn’t obvious was what form the game should take. We had played around with the idea of a turn-based RPG (early screenshot below) akin to the Paper Mario series but with 8 months of development time we felt it was just too large of a scope.

The idea of a beat’em-up really came from two sources: Castle Crashers and Blizzard’s Failoc-Alypse mini-game which was available during the BlizzCon 2009 ticket sales. We felt that a beat’em-up would be fast paced, enjoyable and offer a simple enough experience to bring to mobile devices.

In terms of establishing project values and guidelines we actually used Blizzard’s eight core values to act as the bar we set for ourselves. We feel that each of their company values shines in our game, except for one: thinking globally. Due to time constraints and limited resources we weren’t able to offer multiple translations and furthermore we felt we could’ve included a more diverse cast of playable characters.

a story of blizzard proportions

We came up with a concept for the story that would make it easily expanded upon, should we add on to it in the future, and felt it could encompass all of Blizzard’s universes rather than cater to one fan group. Basically a league of forgotten characters, villains and NPCs have long been jealous of their coworkers who get all the attention (Arthas, Jaina, Tracer, Raynor etc.) and have staged a revolt to claim their place in the spotlight.

We played with multiple ideas that all shared one thing in common: a Blizzard universe being ‘invaded’ by another universe. Sicco Thermaplugg and pillaging leper gnomes aboard a Protoss carrier, Firebat and Terran military garrisoned within the Tristram Cathedral or, what we ended up with, Kadala using all of her stockpiled blood shards to corrupt Elwynn forest.

Where to find it

  • Per Blizzard’s request, I have taken down all download links. If you are a recruiter please contact me at: and I can provide a copy.
  • Available for: PC, iOS & Android devices.

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