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By goblin rocket games

Goblin Rocket Games was a family start-up. WitchHUNT had been built around the idea of taking social deduction gameplay and mixing it with RPG elements found in board games like Munchkin and Dungeons and Dragons.

Design philosophy

Heading into the project, we set out to create a truly unique board game that, even though it shared similar mechanics to other games, would deliver something truly unique. We wanted the game to be very open, having multiple win conditions and a variety of ways to earn power. To capture the idea of a fantasy-touched Salem, we strove to provide the players a story, a mystery and a conflict.

my responsibilities

Design overall was a team effort among my family and I. However, I was lucky enough to be given a few projects to work on myself:

  • ‘Hero Mode’ or WitchHUNT Solitaire: a solo adventure in which the player must play against the deck of monsters and the witch.
  • ‘Versus Mode’ or WitchHUNT Competitive: a 1v1 gamemode where players would duke it out with another player.

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