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TITAN | Full Sail Senior Project

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My time at Full Sail University culminated a project in which we, the students, were expected to work with another and experiences the ups and downs of game development. To provide an understanding of the workflow and to give us insight into how to function as a team.

We were asked to provide one concept to the board of game design professors. Only 5 out of the 30 submitted would be greenlit for development, mine being one of them.

I wanted to do something new, something different, something unexpected. My concept formed around an idea in which the player assumes the role of a raid boss and must defend their lair from adventurers. It was an attempt to take the MMORPG concept of raiding a dungeon and turning it 180 degrees to shine a light on a new perspective and offer a new experience.

Design philosophy

Design Document

My concept served as a foundation and helped shape what our vision would be. We wanted to capture the feeling of being an awesome and powerful raid boss, something akin to a Godzilla-esque experience. For this reason we emphasized the ratio between the player’s and the level’s size, making the player large but keeping the lair small and narrow.

We approached the combat from a Diablo angle to provide an active and fast combat system. This allowed us to create abilities that felt devastating and held weight as boss abilities. Additionally we built a tower defense system in which the player could customize their lair with traps, towers and other structures for bonuses and effects.

Where to find it

  • TITAN is available upon request.

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